Can legal expenses insurance help the "forgotten middle" secure greater access to justice?


A new report from the IBA suggests that greater uptake of legal expenses insurance by individuals could increase access to justice for the "forgotten middle".  

These are individuals without disposable income to spend on private legal services, but whose earnings or assets prohibit qualification for legal aid or pro bono assistance.

Increased consumer awareness is, however, needed because a lack of awareness that such cover is available and a lack of understanding about how it works continues to be a barrier. 

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‘Access to justice is a pressing concern for all jurisdictions, regardless of legal system or socio-economic status. Justice simply cannot be served without timely, robust legal representation. It is our duty as a profession to ensure that all who need access have it. However, the legal community cannot achieve this in isolation. I urge others, including the insurance industry and policy-makers, to play their part.’
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