New London courts to focus on economic crime and high-level fraud


The Ministry of Justice has announced a new flagship London court in the City which will focus on high-level fraud, cyber and economic crime.

Construction of the City of London Law courts is underway and will form part of a new development on Fleet Street. It is intended the new court will consist of eight Crown, six civil and four magistrates’ courtrooms.  

The increased prevalence of economic crime, as well as the growth in civil cases involving cyber fraud and cyber assets, has become a much discussed issue in recent times and the Government's legislative proposals, including the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill currently making its way through the House of Commons, have been criticised for not going far enough to tackle the problem. My article on likely proposed amendments can also be found here.

While the expected completion date of 2026 may seem far off, the construction of a new court which brings together both civil and law enforcement facilities to tackle economic crime and fraud under one roof, is likely to be welcomed by many, so long as the legislative tools to challenge and remedy miscreant behaviour is made available. 

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Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, Brandon Lewis, said: The City of London Law courts represent a vision of how justice will work in future - with modern, innovative and flexible courts in fit for purpose buildings. The Salisbury Square development symbolises our place as one of the leading centres for business, law and justice as we ensure that the UK remains attractive to global business and investment.
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